Our Molecular Neurobiology Group carries out its research activities under two major headings:

     (1) Experimental Research

           Our experimental studies focus on the function of ETS domain transcription factors Elk-1 and Pea3 in neurons. 

           We mainly focus on the role of Elk-1 in neuronal survival, neurodegeneration and brain tumors, while the Pea3 group

           studies its role in functional neural circuit formation, its regulation by upstream signals, and novel transcriptional targets.

     (2) Computational Biology

           The computational team covers a wide range of topics from modeling of neuron-astrocyte interactions and energy

           metabolism, modeling of genetic regulatory networks of ETS domain transcription factors and their targets, modeling

           of signal transduction systems, statistical analysis of alternative genetic coding tables and codon robustness in collaboration

           with a variety of scientists from different universities.


  Yeditepe University, Department of Genetics and Bioengineering, Kayisdagi, Istanbul, Turkey; phone +902165780619; fax +902165780829